Dr. Krugman’s Rants: Enough is Enough!

by Rob Natelson

“I think too much realism can actually be a problem.” – Paul Krugman on the PBS Charlie Rose Show, Oct. 12, 2011

Enough is enough.

One expects some exaggeration from a political columnist, but one expects at least a minimal level of accuracy if the columnist is a Nobel Laureate—even if he writes for the New York Times.

The problem is that during his ideological rants Paul Krugman has been failing to reach the necessary minimum.

Krugman, you may recall, was the guy who, without a scintilla of evidence, smeared the Tea Party by claiming that its members were probably responsible for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Krugman is also one of the ideological diehards who are convinced that the reason massive federal deficits haven’t cured our economic woes is that we are not spending enough! (The deficit is already 42% of the budget; how large does it have to be?)

Krugman’s latest venture into the absurd is a column in which he concludes that it would be good for the congressional budgetary “supercommittee” to fail to reach an accord because doing so would result in spending cuts. He seems completely to have forgotten that the fact that under the law creating the supercommittee, it is failure to reach agreement that triggers automatic, sweeping, across-the-board spending cuts!

Along the way toward that conclusion, Krugman makes a number of assertions about Republicans that suggest that, like our President, he has spent his life isolated from them.

Consider his claim that while Democrats think “social insurance programs. . . serv[e] a moral imperative,” “Republicans have a totally different view. . . they view the welfare state as immoral.”

You have to wonder how many Republicans Krugman really knows; with brief exceptions, he seems to have been spent his life almost exclusively among the New York/New England liberal intelligensia……..

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  1. vonmises1881 Said:

    Krugman is unable to see any social, political, or economic problem without, A.)Spotting some dastardly free market scoundrel behind it, looking on with glee, twisting his mustache. (He’s really that infantile sometimes) and B.) Looking for ways to launch more of someone else’s money at whatever the thing happens to be.

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